Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Switch (2010)

Let's be clear about something. The Switch, starring Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston, is not a good movie. It's not a terrible one either, there are moments of brightness to it. However, it's impossible to get over the premise of the film, wherein Bateman drunkenly replaces the sperm sample intended to be in vitro inserted into Jennifer Aniston's womb with his own. Therefore, he literally hijacks her uterus and she spends years believing the biological father of this child is someone else.

There is one incredibly subtle gag in this film, however. It made me laugh out loud in the theater when I caught it, and no one else understood why I was laughing. In what is supposed to be a sad, introspective moment of the film, Jason Bateman's character is walking down the street, in the rain, moping. Don't pay any attention to Jason Bateman (A good rule in general), instead focus on the background and look at the truck that drives behind him.

That's not an edit, that's actually in the film. The movie about the worst possible in vitro fertilization situation features a giant turkey baster on screen during what is supposed to be the sad moment. This is evidence that most of the people involved did not take this project seriously at all. (Further evidence: The script)

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